The family Krust from Pfedelbach

From the military and nobility

The Pfedelbacher line has its name from the most ancient, unique source document of this line in 1739. The village “Weiler zum Stein” is specified as the origin of Christian Friedrich Ernst Benedikt Krust has not yet been pinpointed. The family is Roman Catholic.
To the history Pfedelbachs

  • 1037 first documentary mention as Pfadelbach
  • 1472 Pfedelbach comes into the possession of the Counts of Hohenlohe
  • 1663 Pfedelbach receives the right to hold two year markets
  • 1710 the evangelical Pfedelbachern is granted religious freedom, while the Hohenlohe counts (from 1744 princes) become Catholic
  • 1806 Pfedelbach falls to Württemberg (after
The son of the aforementioned, Johann Friedrich, was a military surgeon in the Electoral Palatinate Regiment Prince Carl. The military service of the time has often necessitated a change of location, so that this family branch has spread in several places and the Mannheimer and Eberbach/Heilbronn branch trained.
The Heilbronn branch became evangelical and part of the family moved to Amsterdam.
After the memories of my grandfather Herbert Krust lived in 1938 a cabinet master of the Mannheim Krust line in Pforzheim.