Family lines of the Krust family

The oldest mention of the family is found in 1357 in the Brettener room. The clues are more frequent in the following century and are found next to the Brettener area now also in the region northeast of Pforzheim. In the 16th In the century, evidence from Baden-Baden and Upper Alsace was made.
From these present indications, it is obvious that the surname Krust has developed in the Brettener space and was then disseminated to the other areas. This is all the more probable, as it is found in the springs a migratory movement of Bauerbach (on boards) to Niefern (near Pforzheim). At the moment we are starting from four lines, which are also presumed to have a common origin because of their proximity:

  • The Baden-Baden line with the Mannheim branch.
  • The Alsatian line, which has also spread to the USA and across France
  • The Kraichgau/Maulbronn line with the branch Öschelbronn, which develops as follows:
    • Intermediate station Gerabronn with the sub-branches Gundelfingen, Darmstadt, Weinsberg and Blaufelden and the emigration to Australia and the USA.
    • Sub-branches Mönsheim, Frankfurt and Karlsruhe.
    • Spread in the Pforzheim region.
  • The Pfedelbacher line with the Mannheim branch and the branch Eberbach/Heilbronn.