Coat of arms family Krust

Coats of arms emerged as a painting of shields in the High Middle Ages, when it became necessary to develop a clearly visible distinguishing feature through the Knights armored to the point of recognition. When the coat of arms of the 13th century In the middle of the century, the coat of arms of the sealing system also entered the bourgeoisie. They were used to certify legal and commercial transactions. The 16. and 17. In the middle of the century with the bourgeois family common custom to lead gender coat of arms, was promoted by the emperor or his agent with the issuance of coat of arms letters.
Essential component of a coat of arms is the shield. On this the helmet sits with the jewel of the helmet. The coat of arms is flanked by two ceilings. The tinctures (coat of arms) and metals (gold and silver) are equivalent and serve as a distinguishing feature of coat of arms.

Coat of arms of Baden-Baden 1680

Coat of arms Aspach 1695
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