Family Reunion Krust 2007

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Large family reunion of the Krusts in the Residenz zum Bären

Back to the roots in the spa town

90 participants from all over Germany, France, USA and Australia

Baden-Baden 90 members of the Krust family came together at the weekend in Baden-Baden. From Hamburg to Munich, but also from the USA, Australia and France, Krusts travelled to get to know the relatives and to learn about the family history. The extraordinary event even attracted a camera crew of the SWR, who was in the show on the road on the 1st. September, the example of this family will shed light on the issue of emigration.
This first meeting of the pastor and family researcher Ralf Krust from Hardheim, the Baden-Badener Jürgen Krust, who together with wife Brigitte leads the residence bears, and the hotelier from the Bavarian court, Karl-Heinz Krust. Due to a confusion at the TÜV, the Baden-Badener Krusts had come to know each other accidentally. The contact with the research pastor was already there.
As early as 2003, Ralf Krust had fallen into his hands among other things a Ahnenpass of his grandfather. This aroused my interest and so I started to research, he reports. First, it turned out that Krust is a fairly rare name. He found only 85 entries in the telephone directories throughout Germany, as well as many throughout France.
Two branches were first known to the Protestant clergyman: the Baden-Badener and the Öschelbronner line. In the course of the research, two more lines emerged from Pfedelbach at Weinsberg and from Alsace. They can all be traced back to a certain Gumpolt crust from the Brettener region, which is mentioned in the documents in 1357.
The Krusts, which is found in Germany, has contacted all the priests and set up the forum on the Internet. This medium was also the link to relatives in the rest of the world.
Because many members of the family had expressed interest in a meeting, the trio entered the planning a year ago. The bear proved to be best suited for an event of this magnitude.
Most people didn’t know each other, it was a big hello in the morning, reports Ralf Krust.  After a lecture on the history of the family, the foreign participants explored the city. Pastor Krust then presented the family book he wrote and gave a lecture on anecdotes of the ancestors. The day was sounding in a relaxed atmosphere.
The family history is further written, announced initiator Ralf Krust. The second meeting is expected to take place in three to five years.

Premiere in Baden-Baden: 90 members of the Krust family meet in Baden-Baden.