17th Century

Because of the 30 Years War (1618 – 1648) and the plague some branches of the family died out. In Niefern and Gochsheim, the name ceased to exist.
Family members in Bretten survived the war but they had no male descendants.
Just one family survived in Öschelbronn and Niederaspach (Aspach-le-Bas in Alsace) to continue the name.
Those years were characterized by immigration from Switzerland and by the end of the century the War of the Palatinate succession. It caused the destruction of Baden-Baden in 1689 and there were French military expeditions in the area of Pforzheim as well.
The tailor-journeyman Hans-Jakob Krust moved from Öschelbronn to Gerabronn. There he met a daughter of a wainwright, fall in love and settled down.
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