16th Century

The Kraichgau / Maulbronn branch spread to many places. There are different professions like a priest, a farmer, a baker and a sawyer.
There are written documents for 3 of our branches:
Alsace branch: 1523 Diebolt Krust lived in Schweighausen (Schweighouse). Some years later a family was in Niederaspach (Aspach-le-Bas) running the local inn. Currently researches suggest that the father of Diebolt Krust, his name is Nikolas Clewin, is the ancestor of all Krust’s in Alsace.
Baden-Baden branch: 1545 Casper Krust, a baker, was mentioned.
Öschelbronn branch: The branch started with Hans Krust, the members of his family were farmers and during the Reformation they became Protestants.
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