Welcome to the Private Genealogical homepage of the KRUST family.
Where does our family come from?
What does our surname mean?
Where do all members of the family live today?
Answers to these and other exciting questions can be found here.
Family lines of the Krust family
We assume four lines, which are also presumed to have a common origin because of their proximity:
The ancestors of my family can be in Öschelbronn near Pforzheim on a Hans Krust in the middle of the 14th century. century. From this fact the family book Öschelbronn was created in Pforzheim until 1910, which can be downloaded as a PDF file for private purposes.
Family themes of the Krust family
The themes here are the origin and explanation of the family name, the two family crests, the emigration and for the family important sources.
Family Krust Intern
Of course this is also about the own pedigree of Ralf Krust with the following focus on the surnames: Krust worldwide, Link in Schmie (Württemberg); Detrois in Saarlouis; Schumacher in the area of Königswinter (Rhineland), Augenstein in Ispringen (Baden); Zoll in Engelsbrand (Württemberg); Klittich in Brötzingen (Baden); König in Dobel (Württemberg).
There is also a family tree of my wife, for example with the surname Mayer (near Tübingen) and Kube (Sudetenland).
You will also find information about the family reunion and the 2007 family book.
Information sought
If you have information about the KRUST or His other forms (CRUST, CROUST, GRUST, KRUEST) or on the other topics of the homepage, I ask for an e-mail. Thank you very much.

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